About me

I’m a web developer, husband and father of two. I’ve staked out this spot on the web for a few reasons:

  • as a minor protest/push-back against centralized social media platforms and their various issues
  • a re-embracement of the open web, which I miss!
  • a place to try out languages, frameworks and platforms that I don’t use in my day job (namely the JAMstack)

I have been happily employed at PRS Guitars in Stevensville, MD since early 2003. I’m not looking for new opportunities at this time and I’m fairly busy with family, but if you have any interesting projects you’d like to work with me on, reach out.

This blog is powered by GatsbyJS and is running on Netlify. I’m currently trying out Typora as a Markdown editor.

This GatsbyJS Starter theme is called Lumen from alxshelepenok. Thanks Alex!